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Segue 61

Breaking into the music industry is notoriously difficult. Without a music industry school focused on bridging the gap between amateur and professionals, Nashville didn’t offer a clear path for those skilled professionals waiting for their turn to prove themselves. It’s true not only for those who aspire to be spotlight artists, but even for those who want to be backing musicians, engineers/producers, or business professionals.

The reason is that the music industry largely functions behind closed doors. It has to. If the industry didn’t, it’d be inundated with a deluge of the unskilled and untalented convinced that they’re the next big thing. (Just look at the open auditions for any television talent show.)

So, the music industry keeps its doors closed and largely leaves it to the school of hard knocks to winnow out all but the best, well aware that it’s an inefficient and ineffective system. It’s like letting people jump into a pool and waiting to see who doesn’t drown.

The young person trying to make it in the music industry also knows all too well about the problems with the school of hard knocks. It’s often a lonely experience full of frustration, uncertainty and doubt, dead ends and squandered opportunities. The challenges can even knock out a person before he or she finds a way beyond them.

What if there were an alternative for professionals . . . one that better serves both the industry and young professionals trying to enter it with a music industry school led by the industry leaders themselves?

Now there is.

The Catawba College Segue 61 program was created with one simple goal in mind: We help individuals of exceptional potential better prepare to enter the music industry with our Nashville Music School Certificate program. Segue 61 only accepts students who are poised to begin their careers in terms of their knowledge, talent, skill, maturity, and seriousness of purpose.

Students of our Nashville Industry School work closely with top professionals serving as mentors to gain a frontline understanding of the music industry and develop the soft skills that can spell the difference between career success and failure.

You won’t study about leading artists, producers, and business figures, you’ll learn directly from them. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to show the same professionals what you’ve got to offer the industry while they help you develop your potential.

That’s the reason Segue 61 only accepts individuals of exceptional potential. The music industry needs talented young people to join its ranks. Its leaders are also more than happy to mentor young people trying to make it in music, but only if they have what it really takes to make it professionally. In fact, our mentors help select who’s accepted into the Segue 61 Nashville Music Industry School program.

That doesn’t mean that anything is handed to you in Segue 61. You still have to earn the attention and respect of professionals in the industry. But you’ll have an unparalleled opportunity to do so.

There are only four cities in the world for a program of study like Segue 61, one so closely linked with the music industry: London, New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville.

Of these, Nashville became the obvious choice. For one thing, it’s the only city that has a growing rather than a shrinking industry presence. Its affordability and compact footprint also make it ideal for a young professional trying to break into the music industry. Segue 61 is here to change the way professionals become industry leaders with our Nashville Music Industry School program.

And if you think Nashville is just country music, you don’t know Nashville. From the honky-tonks of Broadway to the new music clubs of East Nashville, it enjoys one the most active and diverse music scenes in the world.

It’s the reason such varied artists and acts as The Black Keys, The Civil Wars, Ben Folds, Kesha, Paramore, Jack White, Sheryl Crow, John Oates, Taylor Swift, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and more, choose to live in Nashville.

Our Berry Hill Workshop offering music industry classes, serves as the primary home for Segue 61. It’s a flexible, comfortable space for learning, creating, and collaborating and includes professional quality recording capabilities. Berry Hill boasts over 50 professional studios, including such famed facilities as Blackbird Studios and House of Blues Studios.

Let’s get specific for a moment.

Segue 61 is a two-semester Nashville music industry certificate program curriculum offered by Catawba College of Salisbury, NC. Catawba is a fully accredited non-profit institution of higher education with nationally recognized programs of study in popular music and music business.

The are no particular educational requirements for acceptance into the Segue 61 program beyond a high school degree, but many of our applicants are graduates of undergraduate programs of study in popular music, audio engineering, and music business. What’s more important than your level of formal education is your knowledge, talent, skill, maturity, and seriousness of purpose.

Catawba worked closely with key leaders in the music industry to create the Nashville Music Industry School curriculum for Segue 61. It offers true real-world value without any unnecessary academic fustiness. Many of the same leaders now serve as mentors for Segue 61 students.

Students in the Segue 61 program individually pursue one of four closely interlinked tracks:

  • Spotlight Artist
  • Player (backing musician)
  • Engineer/Producer
  • Business Professional (manager, publicist, agent, etc.)

Prospective students apply for acceptance online and have the opportunity to upload videos and audio files for preliminary screening. More information about the application/audition process can be found on the Applying page on this website. Inquire via the form below for more information.

Talent-based scholarships are available, and students may be eligible for private educational loans.

The talent of the young professionals who make up our first team has been inspiring.

So, if you’ve got the talent, skills, maturity, and motivation to make it in the music industry, if you’re poised to begin your career, if you want to work closely with top music professionals as mentors and faculty, let us know. If you’re interested in Year 2, apply now!

We’re currently taking applications for August 2017 – May 2018. Limited spots are available.

Apply now! Have any questions? Contact Us