Cost of Attendance

The cost of a college education is an investment in the future of an individual. Very few investment opportunities represent the potential return offered by a college education. It’s certainly true for Segue 61. No one can promise anyone success in the music industry, and we steer clear of such assertions. However, given all of the benefits of the Segue 61 program, it can certainly represent an unparalleled investment in your future—one that might make all the difference in launching a successful career in music.

It may come as a surprise then that we’re not charging a premium for attendance. Catawba College is committed to making our educational experience as affordable as possible. Therefore, we’ve set the Segue 61 tuition to that for the regular undergraduate study on Catawba’s main campus. That makes Segue 61’s per-semester tuition comparable to or lower than other top institutions in Nashville and beyond. It also means that you’re getting all of the benefits of Segue 61 at a standard rate. Segue 61 offers merit-based/talent-based scholarships to help defray tuition costs, and students may also qualify for private educational loans.

What is Value?

Value is getting the best education for your tuition dollars, but it is more than just a “good bargain.” We believe that value extends beyond dollars and cents and, instead, incorporates enrichment of each student’s life on an individual level. Value, then, doesn’t come with a price tag; it’s born from the quality of the experiences provided. In this regard, Segue 61 clearly provides students with a high-value education.

Tuition & Fees

The Following are the expenses to attend Segue-61 as a student for the August 2017 school year.

Tuition $29,333*
Technology fee $670
Books and other materials (estimate) $330

* All costs/fees are in U.S. Dollars (USD). Above expenses are per year.

Optional private music instruction is available as fourteen one-hour weekly lessons per semester at $2100.

Health insurance is required of all students.

All tuition and costs are subject to change, without notice, by the Catawba College Board of Trustees. For more information, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 1-800-CATAWBA or (704) 637-4416.


Merit-based/talent-based/ scholarships range from $1000 and are based primarily on student merit/talent and programmatic needs. All students are automatically considered for a scholarship once they are granted admission to the Segue 61 program and Catawba College.

Private Loans

Students may be eligible for private students loans. (The Segue 61 program does not offer Title IV aid.) Lenders generally make available alternative student loans in the student’s name; However, some require a co-signer. Please contact the Catawba Financial Aid Office to determine which loan would be best for you.