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“Nashville is the coolest city in America.”
—Dave Grohl


“You have a proximity of some of the best studios in the entire world; a proximity to some of the best musicians in the entire world; and some of the best songwriters in the entire world…It’s kind of an easy call to come here.”
—John Paul White (Civil Wars)

“I definitely think that with music my favorite thing about Nashville is that it’s a music hub that accepts and allows all genres to be present, and I think there’s been a kind of fusing of genres lately that for me makes me really happy and excited.”
—Taylor Swift

Got What It Takes?

The talent of the young professionals who make up our first team has been inspiring.

So, if you’ve got the talent, skills, maturity, and motivation to make it in the music industry, if you’re poised to begin your career, if you want to work closely with top music professionals as mentors and faculty, let us know. If you’re interested in Year 2, apply now!

We’re currently taking applications for May 2017 and September 2017 sessions. Limited spots are available for both sessions.

Limited Spots. Apply now!