Segue 61 is proud to present some of our students and mentors’ video testimonials about their experiences with the program, what they have learned, and where they expect it will lead them.

Since success in the music industry is the goal for each and every student, it is important that they reach their full potential in our program and learn important, relevant skills throughout their semester here.

Alongside industry pros, our mentors, we’ve worked to develop a program that’s unlike any other music certification in the country. Nashville, Tennessee brings a vast pool of talented people into our program and we are thankful that the experiences and the knowledge gained has been, not only helpful, but crucial to the development of our students.

Hear what our students and our mentors have to say about the program below.

What Students Say

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Mentor Testimonials


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Cost of Attendance

Given all of the benefits of the Segue 61 through our music business certificate program, it can certainly represent an unparalleled investment in your future—one that might make all the difference in launching a successful career in music. It may come as a surprise then that we’re not charging a premium for attendance. We’ve set the Segue 61 tuition to that for regular undergraduate study on Catawba’s main campus. That makes Segue 61’s per-semester tuition comparable to or lower than other top institutions in Nashville and beyond. It also means that you’re getting all of the benefits of Segue 61 at a standard rate. Segue 61 offers merit-based/talent-based scholarships to help defray tuition costs, and students may also qualify for private educational loans.

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Got What It Takes?

The talent of the young professionals who make up our first team has been inspiring.

So, if you’ve got the talent, skills, maturity, and motivation to make it in the music industry, if you’re poised to begin your career, if you want to work closely with top music professionals as mentors and faculty, let us know. If you’re interested in Year 2, apply now!

We’re currently taking applications for August 2017 – May 2018 classes. Limited spots available.

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